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Returned Mail
The percentage of returned mail is higher for lists generated from the "Financial Hardship Databases" (tax liens, judgments, and bankruptcies), than lists generated from our "Business Filings" (dba, corporate filings, etc...).   Based on our experience, financially distressed parties (mostly individuals rather than businesses) tend to move more often than the average individual or company, resulting in a higher percentage of returned mail. All addresses are collected directly from court records, and are cross referenced against a database published by Postmaster to verify address deliverability. Our experience indicates a 5 to 15 percent returned mail for current leads (leads no older than 4 months) generated from the "Financial Hardship Databases".  The returned mail percentage will increase if you purchase leads older than 9 months.  This percentage varies depending upon the area of the country you're soliciting, if leads are businesses or individuals, and when the leads were filed (age of the lead). Your returned mail could be as high as 30% if your leads are older than 2.5 years. The age of the lead is based upon when the lead was filed initially.
The percentage of returned mail is considerable lower for lists generated from "Business Filings" (dba, partnership, and corporate filings). Our experience indicates an average of 5% returned mail from such leads.

How do I know if my tax liens are still unsatisfied
We can not guarantee that the tax liens you purchase are still unsatisfied, but there's an easy rule to follow to ensure that most of your leads are still unsatisfied.  As a general rule, there is a higher likely hood of older liens being satisfied that newer liens.  As more time passes, there is a higher tendency of more taxpayers resolving their lien. We can NOT guarantee a tax liens to be unsatisfied because each filing (initial filing or a subsequent release) is recorded and collected separately, and we do NOT collect releases. Therefore we highly recommend purchasing more recent liens.

How do I make my lists smaller
You were referred to this section, because your requested parameters generated a list larger than 5,000 records.  If you do plan to purchase a list with more than 5,000 names, please respond to the email stating so. Please keep in mind that our minimum purchase requirement is 600 names.  You can make your lists smaller:
  1. Either by changing the parameters, such as a smaller date range, a smaller geographical region, a stricter amount requirements, and etc. 
  2. Or select a specific date in time, for instance 1/1/98, then purchase a smaller/desired quantity, for instance 500 names.  Another words you're purchasing qualifying records beginning from 1/1/98 till we accumulate 500 records, then we stop.  Then your following purchase will start where we stopped the prior time. We guarantee that you'll never receive previously purchased records.

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