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Reduce marketing cost
Purchasing duplicate leads is very costly, and occurs in various ways. Following are the additional costs associated with purchasing duplicates:
  • Paying for the same lead more than once
  • Duplicate literature mailed to the same clients
  • Wasted postage
  • Wasted envelopes
  • Wasted labels
  • Labor involved in duplicate solicitation (e.g. telemarketing)
  • And most importantly, the negative image portrayed to potential clients by multiple/duplicate solicitation

What is a duplicate ?
We consider two business records duplicate if they have the same debtor, regardless of filing date, amount, address, or type (federal, state, or county). This process is done on state level basis (i.e. two businesses with the same name in two different states are not considered duplicate). Click here to see a detailed example of this process for businesses.
We consider two consumer records duplicate if they have the same mailing address, regardless of amount, filing date, or type (federal, state, or county). Click here to see a detailed example of this process for individuals. Consumer records are de-duped (the process of eliminating duplicates) based on address since approximately 25-30% of filings in the consumer area are against husband and wife (i.e. same identical lien filed once against the husband and once against the wife). Therefore by de-duping by address will give you only one lien filed against one of the spouses. 
Above are very stringent duplicate elimination requirements, but upon request could be modified to be more moderate.

Why is duplicate elimination so important ?
Duplicate elimination is particularly an important issue if you're purchasing tax liens or judgments, since approximately 25% of all tax liens and judgments filed are considered "duplicate" for marketing purposes. Our goal is to keep your marketing cost to a minimum, by enabling you to solicit each potential client/debtor only once, when the lien/judgment is recorded initially. Our duplicate elimination process is 95% to 97% accurate. Most vendors do not use any kind of duplicate elimination at all, for several reasons, mainly to sell you as many records as possible (to maximize profit); and also running duplicate elimination programs are costly and very time consuming.

Two kinds of duplicates
Duplicates can occur in 2 forms:
1. Duplicates within the same order.
2. Duplicates in separate orders (this applies to customers receiving regular updates). This is receiving the same lead in two separate orders. Many vendors may sell you up to 25% duplicates, since their system is not capable of keeping track of what you had received previously.
We guarantee you will NOT have either of these problems. Our duplicate elimination process eliminates 95% to 97% of all duplicates, and will save you up to 30% in your entire marketing cost (not just the cost of purchasing leads).
Please review our duplicate elimination samples and our purging procedures.

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