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Our Sales Leads database consists of 4 main areas:
  • Dba (doing business as) filings
  • Corporate filings
  • Limited partnership, or LLC filings
  • Sales tax filings (only CA)
Using our "Sales Leads" services is very different from using a database that contains business listings by yellow page headings, or SIC codes.  Click here to view a comparison of each. 

Selection criterion
You may select your business leads from one or a combination of the databases indicated above. Following are additional parameters available in creating your custom tailored list.
  • Region: By state, county, city, first 3 digits of the zip code. This region is based on the company's main address.
  • Date: This is the date the record (e.g. Dba) was filed.  You may use a specific period, or from a certain date to current. Customers receiving regular updates will receive all new filings that have become available since last update.
  • Type: E.g. Dba filings, and corporate filings, or any combination.

Sample 1: Dba filings from Los Angeles County, CA from 6/1/99 to 12/15/99.
Sample 2: Dba and corporate filings from San Diego, Riverside, and Orange county, from 10/1/99 to current.

Information received
Each lead in your list will contains the following information:
  • Company name
  • Company's complete address, including a nine-digit zip code (required for pre-sorted and bulk mail)
  • County name
  • Filing date of the record
  • Record type (e.g. dba vs. corporate filing)
  • Document number (in most cases)
  • Phone numbers: Currently phone numbers are NOT available (because telephone numbers are not recorded on most county or state agency records)
  • Alternative address (if available), this may be a mailing address in addition to the main business address.  For corporations this is the "registered office".
  • Contact name.  This is the owner's name in sole proprietorship dba filings, and sales tax filings.
  • Registered agent.  This is only available for corporations.
  • SIC (standard industry code) is sometimes available. This codes explains the entity's main functions.
  • Business description is sometimes available. This field describes the company's main function.

Coverage area
Dba filings: All states.
Corporate and limited partnership filings: All states.
Sales tax filings: Only CA.
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