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Update frequency
This only applies to customers receiving regular updates. You will be considered a regular customer if you make a minimum of one purchase per month.  We run your lists (with your specified parameters) on a regular basis, and we will send you all the new records that have become available since your last update. The frequency of this process is based on the average number of records purchased on a monthly basis. Average monthly volume is obtained by running "Sample Counts" using prior months data with your specified requirements. With some exceptions, the following are the general guidelines for this process:
  • 0-600 records per month = monthly update
  • 601-1,200 records per month = 2 updates per month
  • +2,000 records per month = weekly updates
  • +6,000 records per month = 2 updates per week
  • +12,000 records per month = 3 updates per week
  • + 25,000 records per month = daily updates (5 updates per week)
Note: Above are only general guidelines, modification could be made based on coverage area and pricing.

Minimum purchase requirements are shown below (under Cost). Lists with fewer than "minimum purchase requirements" will be billed at the minimum cost shown below.  This requirement applies to one time purchases as well as regular purchases.   If your list is too small, then you'll need to modify your parameters (add more areas, lower amount requirement, expand time coverage, and etc.) to increase volume or you may simply pay the "minimum cost per order". 

Cost per lead/record is based on the number of records and the type of records purchased.   Please contact us for a price quotation.
Type of records Cost per lead Minimum records per order Minimum cost per order
Tax liens $0.35 to $0.15 per lead based on volume. The $0.15 price applies to a single purchase containing more than 35,000 records. minimum of 286 records per order $100.10 per order
$0.25 to $0.15 per lead based on volume, as shown below.
From To Cost per record
800 2,500 $0.25
2,501 5,000 $0.24
5,001 7,500 $0.23
7,501 12,500 $0.22
12,501 17,500 $0.21
17,501 22,500 $0.20
22,501 27,500 $0.19
27,501 32,500 $0.175
+32,501   $0.15
minimum of 800 records per order $200 per order


Getting started
Getting started is easy and fast. To serve you more efficiently, please take the time to consider the following issues before contacting us.
  • Coverage area
  • Business vs. individual or both
  • Amount (if applicable)
  • Date, a specific period, or from a particular date to current
  • Format you'd like to receive your file(s); e.g. dba, comma delimited, or etc.
  • Are you interested in any additional services ?
Please contact us for any general questions, or submit an on-line request to obtain a price quotation.

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