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We are one of the largest collectors and compilers of public records such as tax liens, and bankruptcies in the country. We specialize in collecting information on financially distressed individuals and companies. Our "Financial Hardship" database is an excellent source for marketing leads. This database consists of businesses and individuals that are in need of specialized services. We also offer variety of direct mail options for tax and mortgage professionals.


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Information Technologies Inc.

Efficient marketing: Utilize various criterion to custom tailor lists to target  specific markets. We offer full range of direct mail solutions.
We’ll do all the work for you: We eliminate most duplicates, CASS certify addresses, do mail merge, and  offer full range of  letter and postcard printing packages.
Hassle free marketing: Receive regular updates, as new information becomes available. We keep track of everything you purchase to minimize duplicates.
Beat your competitors: All your lists and files are emailed to you in Excel or similar formats; it’s quick and simple.
NO long-term contracts, NO set-up or programming fees to generate lists, NO commitments.

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