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Our bankruptcy database contains business and consumer bankruptcy filings, dismissals and discharges under the following chapters:
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 11
  • Chapter 13

Selection criterion
Use a combination of the following parameters to select your leads:
  • Region: State, county, city, first 3 digit of the zip code
  • Date: You may select based on dates shown below. Customers receiving regular updates will receive all new filings that have become available since last update.
    • Filing date
    • Discharge date
    • Dismissal date
    • First meeting date, a.k.a 341 meeting date 
  • Type: E.g. chapter 7 filings, or chapter 11 dismissal, or any combination.
  • Individuals vs. businesses: Keep in mind that chapter 11's are for businesses only, chapter 13's are for individuals only, and most of chapter 7's are individuals. You may select chapter 7's that are individuals only, but you can NOT select chapter 7's that are business only. In order to receive chapter 7's that are businesses, you must purchase both businesses and individuals.
  • Amount: Asset and liability amounts are not available in bankruptcy filings.
  • House addresses: You may choose to  utilize our "house address filter" which will eliminate addresses that contain apartment numbers, suite numbers, unit numbers, PO Box's, or any address that contains the "number sign" in the address, therefore you are receiving "house addresses" only.
Sample 1: Chapter 7 filings for California from 7/1/98 to 2/28/99. This is a sample of a one-time purchase.
Sample 2: Chapter 11 dismissals, nationwide, from 5/15/99 to current, then on regular bases (e.g. weekly) we’ll run this list and send you all filings that match the above criterion. Your future updates will never include any records that you have already received.

Information received
Each lead in your list will contain the following information:
  • Petitioner's name
  • Petitioner's address, including a nine-digit zip code (required for pre-sorted and bulk mail)
  • County name (upon request)
  • Date
    • Filing date, if you order filings
    • Discharge date, first meeting date (on most records) and filing date if you order discharged records
    • Dismissal date, first meeting date (on most records) and filing date if you order dismissals
  • Type, e.g. chapter 7 filing

Coverage area
Our bankruptcy database currently includes filings from all 50 states.

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