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What's a mail merge?
Mail merge is the process of integrating the raw data from a list (e.g. a list of individuals with tax liens), with a standard letter, so the end result is one custom letter per client, containing that particular client's individual information from that list. There are many benefits in doing a mail merge, such as:
  • Each client receives a custom letter with their name, address, and other related information (e.g. amount of tax lien and type of tax lien) printed on the letter.
  • Mail merged letters are more professional and friendly since they don't portray mass mailings, which are usually ignored by most people.
  • Client's name, address (including a delivery bar code) is printed right on the letter, so there is no need to print mailing labels if you use window envelopes.
  • Special programs could be built into your mail merge letter to make your letters even more friendly.

How does it work ?
Supply us with a copy of the letter you mail to potential customers. We'll duplicate the letter and place the mail merge fields in your letter as per your specifications. We'll do a mail merge after running your order, save the merged letters into a Microsoft Word document, and send you this document. Each client's letter is on a separate page, therefore if your list contains 250 names, your Microsoft Word document will be 250 pages long, one page for each client. All you need to do is to open this document in Microsoft Word, print the letters, place them in envelopes, and mail. Your template letter could be one or more pages.
You will still receive your leads in a list format (the raw data) in addition to your merged letters. These merged letters are in zip code sequence to facilitate bulk mail, and pre-sorted mail, other sequences available upon request. You may also purchase mailing labels for these merged letters, or simply use window envelops to avoid labels.
See a sample mail merged document.

Additional options
  • No need for expensive letter heads: Printing letters on company letter head may appear much more professional and attractive,  but this could become very expensive. We can create a letter head, that is identical to your company letter head and insert this into your merged letters. Therefore the merged letters and company letter head (including graphics and letter head text) will print as one letter  on blank paper. We suggest printing on "Bond" paper for more professional appearance, as opposed to regular (copy) paper.  In order to create your letter head, you must provide us with your company logo (any graphics or clip arts).   The logo must be sent to us in a graphics file such as a "jpeg" or a "tif" file, we can NOT accept logos on paper or fax. If your letter head contains fancy fonts, we suggest sending us a copy of your font file, so we may reproduce identical results. A good quality laser printer is essential in achieving good results for this feature.
  • No need to sign each letter:  You may also choose to have your signature embedded in your merged letters, so there will be no need to sign each letter individually. The signature will be printed on each letter in your specified area. You may send us your signature on pager, or via fax, and we'll scan your signature into the letter. We strongly recommend using a laser printer if your merged letter contains your signature.
  • More friendly letters: Certain programs could be written to make your merged letters more personable and friendly. For instance, if your letter is targeting businesses as well as individuals, you may want to use the salutation "Dear business owner:" for business clients, and the name for consumers. This feature allows you to change certain factors in your merged letter if certain conditions are met or not met. One-time additional programming charges may apply for complex requests; regular requests will NOT incur additional charges.
See a sample mail merged document.

Your merged letters are saved in Microsoft Word format, and to fully utilize all features and options of this service you must use Microsoft Word to print your letters.

  • Mail merge $25.00 per order
  • One time set-up fee of $65 per letter
  • $30 for set-up of additional letters
  • $75 for data conversion
  • There may be an additional programming fee for complex programs
This cost includes all options listed above.

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