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Sales Leads Comparison

Our "Sales Leads" database is usually used to solicit "NEW" businesses.  Such businesses are more receptive to solicitation (as opposed to established businesses), since they have NOT been heavily solicited by various suppliers/vendors. Newly formed businesses have basic needs, such as:
  • Accounting/bookkeeping services
  • Payroll services
  • Legal services
  • Marketing services
  • Merchant accounts (Visa/Master Card)
  • Banking
  • Internet related services
One of the most important elements in marketing is timing. Your success rate will be considerably higher than your competitors, if you have the opportunity to solicit potential accounts first.  Using our "Business Filings" database, will give you an average lead of 6 months against your competitors.  The following table itemizes the major differences between our Business Leads vs. Business Leads obtained from a CD yellow pages.

NOTE: Most Internet yellow pages, are very similar to CD yellow pages, since the information retrieved from the site, is obtained from a database similar to the CD yellow pages.

Our Business Lists Using a CD product
Newest lead Businesses as new as one week old. At least 6 months old. Most important of all you can't distinguish among new and old businesses.
Collection procedures Directly from county courts, and State agencies Other yellow pages, and phone companies
Update frequency Most of our databases update on weekly or monthly basis. Quarterly, semi annually, or annually, depending upon the product
Address accuracy More accurate, since very recent information Varies depending upon product.
Telephone number Not available Available
Selection criterion By area, business inception date By area, SIC, other criterion may be available depending upon the product
Pricing $0.25 to $0.45 per lead, depending upon volume Various prices (limited download on CD's)
Ability to solicit new businesses only Yes, generate your lists based upon the business inception date to get new businesses only. Not possible. Since you can't distinguish among new and old businesses. Some of the sophisticated more expensive products may have an approximate year of inception.

You should NOT be using this service, if you plan to target established businesses.

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