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Cost and requirements
Getting started


  Address correction
All addresses are cross-referenced against a Postmaster database for accuracy. Approximately 98% of all addresses have nine digit zip codes (the original 5-digit zip code plus a 4-digit add-on code).  Nine digit zip codes are required for bulk mailing, pre-sorted mail, and also increase the accuracy and speed of mail delivery.

  File delivery
You can receive your lists via any of the following shipping methods.
  • Email (recommended): There is NO additional cost for email deliveries. This is the fastest method for receiving your list(s).  Your lists are "attached" to an email message. You'll be supplied with complete instructions on how to work with "attached" files. Almost all commercial email accounts will allow you to receive "attached" files. Your attached file is ready to use, and requires no further modification or manipulation.
  • USPS (US Parcel Post): Orders may be shipped via Express Mail for an additional $15.00, allow 3 to 5 business days for delivery.
  • UPS or FedX: Orders may be shipped via UPS or FedX. Any and all delivery options are available, and cost and delivery time will vary based on the requested method and destination. Please contact us for  delivery cost.
If you do not have an email account, your list(s) could be shipped to you on diskette or CD. There is a $15 per diskette fee, and a $25.00 CD cost. You may choose USPS, UPS, or FedX for shipping as indicated above. If you have Internet access, but don't have an email account, you may easily obtain a FREE email account from many sites such as Yahoo, or Hot Mail.

  Data formats
Your lists are ready to use, and do not require any re-typing or modification. These lists could easily be used to print labels, mail-merge custom letters, or be imported to your in-house computer programs. The following file formats are available, regardless of the "File delivery options" selected above. The format you choose will vary  based upon the computer program you use to print labels, merge letters, and etc. For instance, you may receive your data (list) in Excel, or DBF format, if you're using MS Word to create mailing labels.
  • Comma delimited: Highly recommended, works with most applications, IBM and Mac compatible. This is an ASCI format file. 
  • Tab delimited
  • DBF (aka dbase), versions III, IV, V
  • Lotus 1-2-3 versions WJ2, WK1 or WK3
  • Microsoft Excel versions 3, 4, 5, 7, 97, or 2000, (limited to 60,000 records per file)
  • Regular hard copy (this requires you to re-type the information): This service could be utilized in addition to receiving your files in any of the above formats. We also send you the information printed in a table format.  The information appears in rows and columns, each row contain one lead/record and each column contain a particular type of information, e.g. address. Please contact us for cost.  Shipping and handling is additional.
  • Formatted hard copy (lead cards/special reports): This service could be utilized in addition to receiving your files in any of the above formats. We'll print the information in your desired layout/format.   The layout could contain graphics or additional layout such as boxes for notes or lines.  Each page may contain one or more leads. This is a great tool to be used by your sales staff for soliciting prospective clients. There is a one time setup cost of $50 to $75 depending upon the complexity of your requested format. Please contact us for the printing cost.  Shipping and handling is additional.

Please contact us, if you require a different format. Or see a detailed explanation of our file layout.



  Duplicate elimination
Duplicate elimination is the most significant cost saving factor in purchasing leads. Our duplicate elimination procedure is one of a kind in the industry.

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