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Our goal:

Select sales leads:

Versatility and flexibility
A great deal of flexibility is offered in selecting your sales leads to maximize success. Use a combination of selection parameters such as:
  • Geography
  • Date
  • Individual vs. business
  • Amount
  • Type (federal vs. state lien, chapter 11 vs. chapter 7)

Hassle free marketing
Specify the criterion for your sales leads, and leave the rest to us. Then on a regular basis (daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly) we will run your list and send you the new data that has become available matching your specified criterion. Your leads are sent to you in your specified format, and many other services are available for your convenience.

Low cost
There's absolutely NO start-up cost, regardless if you make a one time purchase or decide to receive regular updates. The cost is based on purchase volume, and frequency of updates (i.e weekly, biweekly, or etc.). The cost per lead is $0.25 to $0.45 per name. View our "Cost & Requirements" page for more information, or you may also request a price quotation on-line.

Ease of use
All lists/leads received do NOT require re-typing or any other kind of modifications or processing. They could easily be used to create mailing labels, merge custom letters, or be  imported to your in-house program, or simply allow us to do any of the above for you.

Quality information and reliable services
All addresses are standardized against a post office database. We eliminate most duplicates, not just within individual orders in itself, but against previous or future updates.

No commitments
There are NO long-term contracts, hidden fees, or start-up cost. One time purchases are also  welcomed. You pay only for purchased leads, and may stop purchasing at any time without any further obligations.

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