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Special Financing for Auto Dealerships


Special Financing

We specialize in assisting auto dealerships with their direct mail marketing needs by utilizing bankruptcy chapter 7 and chapter 13 filings and discharges from all 50 states. Such bankruptcy records are a great source of targeting customers who are in need of special financing. Marketing studies report that 40% to 50% of your success is directly attributed to the quality of the list you use.  Our bankruptcy list is NOT a generic or modeled list, these are actual bankruptcy records collected directly from US bankruptcy courts.
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Records collected and updated daily
  • We guarantee NO duplicate records

Information you receive
Our bankruptcy list contains:
  • Petitioner's complete name
  • Petitioner's complete address, we cross reference addresses against the US Postmaster database for accuracy
  • Petitioner's phone number
  • Petitioner's phone number, for a nominal cost we can append phone numbers to your list.  Append ratio varies based on region, our national average is 30% to 35%.
  • Initial filing date
  • Discharge date

How does it work?
Selecting your list is easy.  Just tell us if you would like chapter 7 or 13, discharges, dismissals or filings, the region(s) you would like to target and date requirements.   Your list will be ready in one to two business days.  We can even keep track of the data you purchase and on a regular basis send you the new filings as they become available. We will also keep track of your purchased data, so you will never receive any duplicates. Click here to submit a request.
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