Information Technologies Inc.
Privacy and Public Records


What are public records?
Public Records are documents filed and compiled by various public offices and government agencies for the purpose of making certain information publicly available.  For instance real estate records, tax liens, dba filings and judgments are examples of Public Records.  Private Records are documents and information that are not publicly available. Such records as your tax returns, bank statements, and medical records are Private Records and are not publicly available.   Information Technologies Inc. does NOT compile, sell, or have access to Private Records.  We at Information Technologies Inc. specialize in certain types of Public Records such as tax liens, judgments, and bankruptcy filings.

How do we compile Public Records
All of the Public Records are compiled from the offices and agencies that record such filings.  Any individual should be able to obtain the same information contained at our site by contacting the recording agency.  

Information Technologies Inc. shares your concerns regarding privacy.  That's why all of our information comes from Public Records, which is information that are readily available to anyone contacting the office in charge of filing the document.  We have even gone the extra mile to block certain information from our Public Records databases (even though they are included in the original public record filing) such as social security numbers and federal ID numbers. Therefore the majority of our databases are simple names, addresses, and dates of filings.

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