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"In a study done by Graphic Arts Monthly, analysts predicted that direct mail expenditures would grow at an estimated rate of 6% per year from ‘99 to ‘09. The Internet is only enhancing direct mail, and corporations still need to send a campaign based on direct mail in order to drive consumers to their web sites."








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Direct mail marketing enables you to contact prospects and customers

directly with a very personalized tone, address their unique
needs and motivate them to respond
• Introduction
  Who we are & what we do
  Printing products & services
  Improve your direct mail marketing through the use of custom tailored letters
  • Benefits of direct mail over other forms of advertising
            ▪ A mail-merged personalized letter & envelope
            ▪ The sales letter
  • Results and return on investment
  • Effective direct mail marketing begins with a good database
  • Repeat mailings
  • How to get started


Experience the Ease, Convenience & Low Cost of mailing letters
          We specialize in printing and mailing Custom tailored letters for our clients. We save you time, labor and money with your in house printing needs. We can personalize, print, stuff, stamp and mail all of your letters to your existing clients, past clients, or potential new clients.


Who we are & what we do
          We are a dedicated and professional marketing company working to meet the needs of our client's custom printing needs. It's difficult to find a company that can do this specialized type of printing and mailing and that's why it is easy for us to separate ourselves from typical printers and mailing houses. You don't have to hire a printer first and then hire a mailing house; we can do it all for you in just one phone call. We are not your typical printer; most printers can only duplicate the same identical piece on their equipment, our mail pieces are not identical; each piece is uniquely addressed to your client with their particular information. We can also do your mailing so that you don't have to deal with a mailing house.
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Improve your direct mail marketing through the use of custom tailored letters
          In today's market, consumers and businesses receive a significant amount of "junk mail" daily; almost everyone has developed a trained eye to spot "junk mail"; and most people tend to throw away their junk mail without looking at it's content. This coupled with increasing postage rates could make a failed direct mail advertising campaign a very expensive mistake for a smaller company. Most small businesses cannot afford to mail large amounts of junk mail continuously with little or no results, like the credit card companies with high profit margins.
          In the past eleven years, we have been able to develop direct mail techniques that are much different than regular "junk mail". Our personalized mail pieces are NOT discarded like most junk mail upon arrival and most recipients tend to open the envelope and look at the letter inside, which is one of the biggest challenges of any direct mail marketing campaign.
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Benefits of direct mail over other forms of advertising

Direct mail marketing is often more effective than running an ad in a newspaper or magazine that is already cluttered with ads. By using custom tailored letters you have more written space to explain and sell your services and products than you would in an expensive small magazine or newspaper ad. Instead of competing with large companies, with noticeably larger ads and enormous advertising budgets, you only compete with the other mail pieces in that person’s mailbox.  Regardless of the advertising budget every company big or small that mails shares the same physical limitations of a mail piece.  This is where we can help you excel to beat the competition and have your mail piece stand out.

A well-designed direct mailing campaign will allow you to accurately measure your success and subsequently make modifications to your campaign to improve/maximize your response rate. Unlike other forms of mass advertising, you can target your audience directly by getting the right offer to the right person - this will simply increase your response rate as well as your closing ratio. Understanding your audience and the unique benefits that your company can offer to them is the key to an effective direct mail campaign.

Direct Mail is a particularly attractive option for small business owners because it can communicate complete information about a product or service and reach almost any target audience and all for a relatively low cost. A small business could use direct mail to inform potential customers about its offerings, and then follow up with a phone call or a visit from a salesperson.  Owners of start-up businesses may find direct mail an effective method of creating awareness and interest in a new product, while owners of existing companies may find it useful in generating new business outside of their usual customer base or geographic area.

           Direct mail is also an effective medium in business-to-business marketing. In addition to making sales, business-to-business direct mail can be used to generate sales leads and reinforce the personal selling effort.

We focus on the following three items in order to achieve the full benefits of direct mail advertising:
  1. A mail-merged personalized letter
  2. A mail-merged personalized envelope
  3. The sales letter
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Results and return on investment

One of the greatest advantages of using direct mail is the ability to analyze the results of a campaign. You can effectively measure the leads generated, the qualified prospects obtained, the number of scheduled appointments, and how many sales were made. Once you have analyzed your results you can calculate your return on investment and come up with ways to improve the results for your next campaign.

            The national response rate for direct mail marketing is 0.5-1% but you can work towards a 1-3% response if you have a good mail piece and a targeted list. Repeat mailings can be done to take advantage of the product's or service's potential for repeat sales as well as to sell related goods and services to the same lists. In most instances repeat mailings prove to be an effective way to optimize the list and achieve greater results, thus increasing the overall response rate.

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Effective direct mail marketing begins with a good database

Not only do you need accurate information about your prospects and customers, but you also need a system for managing the database.  Custom mailing lists offer direct mail marketers the opportunity for more selectivity and personalization than any other advertising medium. You select the audience that you want to offer your services to.  For instance, you may be an Attorney or CPA who offers Tax Resolution services and you may only want to target taxpayers who owe more than $25,000. You can do this with a list generated to specifically target these businesses or individuals. But with other types of advertising it can be difficult to be specific without seeming unfair.

           List testing is basic to direct mail. The appropriate size of a test sample is dependent on the anticipated response. A rule of thumb is that the list sample should be large enough to generate thirty to forty anticipated responses. While list testing may clearly identify winners and losers, it will also reveal that some lists are marginal, or near break-even. In that case, the list may be discarded, or another test may be conducted using different selection criteria on the list to increase your return on investment.

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Repeat mailings

If you are regularly mailing to a new list and an old list of prospects, we can simplify all of your mailings.

          Repeat mailings are a way to fully optimize your list. If your competition is mailing to the same person that you are at least one time, then you should consider mailing to the person on the list several times, in intervals of 30 days, to constantly remind the person of their need for your products or services and to get them familiar with who you are. They are likely to set one of your mail pieces aside and call you when they are ready for your services. Most people who do repeat mailings claim that more than 80% of their new business comes from their repeat mailings.

          We will schedule your new mailings and your repeat mailings at the same time to increase the volume of mail that is being delivered. Increasing your volume can increase the response rate. We help you manage your database by cleaning the undeliverable addresses out of the list so that when you re-mail to the names on the list a second time you won’t be mailing to undeliverable addresses; this saves you money on printing and postage. We assign a special 8 digit identification number to the list of names that you either submit to us or purchase directly from us and then we print the identification number on the outside of the envelope. You will record the identification number off of the front of the envelope as the undeliverables are returned back to you, email the 8 digit identification numbers back to us, and then we will eliminate them from your list.

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How to get started
Getting started is very simple, you just need the following:
  1. Send us a list of the names you want to mail to. This list can be in various formats such as Excel, comma/tab delimited, MS Access or many other formats. 
  2. Send us your mail piece. Your mail piece must be final and complete. We can accept a variety of formats.
  3. We'll reproduce your mail piece and email you a proof for your approval.
  4. Once your mail piece is approved, we print & mail.
Please call us at (800) 696-5257 extension 254 with any additional questions during the hours of 9 am to 5 pm PST, or if you'd like to contact us via email click here.